Sunday, 2 February 2014

Surviving the floods

It is not much fun if you live anywhere near the coastline at the moment.  I have been getting quite nervous lately, seeing it on the news and reading the constant worrying statuses on facebook and pictures of people piling their doorways with sandbags and praying that will be enough protection to weather the storm. 

I think I should be replacing all my footwear with Wellingtons for the lot of us just in case the water decides to creep further and further inland. But I need a decent pair from somewhere like tReds as whenever I buy cheaply I know about it, as the material seems to spring a leak and leave me with soggy feet!  Then when the sea is lapping uncomfortably close at least I have the option to wear something more waterproof as I wait to be rescued by a handsome lifeboat crew!  I do not think my fluffy slippers would cut it really…

It is heartbreaking thinking how much damage can be done when the tides are high and the gale force winds is making matters that much worse.  I am sorely tempted to move to higher ground because it’s not only the inconvenience and danger of the floods, its actually being able to find insurance again afterwards.  I have friends who now have a sea view because the sea has completely stretched out, over fields, across roads, through houses and sadly inching uncomfortably closer their own.

So I really hope we are past the worst of it, I do not want to live in a waterlogged house even if the rescue by some strapping RNLI volunteers would have momentarily lifted my sprits.  I really hope everything gets better soon for everyone.  Fingers crossed we have seen the worse and spring will be on its way before we know it. 


  1. justanormalmummy3 February 2014 at 09:37

    Yes it's horrific - I have been complaining about my leaking gutter and roof, but that's a drop in the ocean compared to how some people have been affected! Puts things in perspective...

  2. I live in Somerset and fortunately we are ok but I have friends who are not so lucky - it's devastating :( Bring on the BBQ weather please x

  3. I live inland, on a hill, but my heart goes out to those who are flooded. :-(