Thursday, 13 March 2014

A blog helping hand

Tonight I am having a blogging session with a friend who wants to start her own.  I have some wine, crisps and chocolate at the ready and my hubbie on hand to help with any of the more technical aspects.

There are lots of things to consider when starting a blog, mainly your motivation, why do you want to make one in the first place?  Are you wanting to document your life, a little diary of what you and your family get up to cherish forever or are you hopeful to start reviewing and attending events like I do a fair bit these days.

Whatever your reasons building up a substantial blog take lots of time and energy, if your hoping to appeal to PR’s you will need to build up your social media followers and post regularly.  If you are hoping to blog for your own enjoyment you can approach the process more leisurely and blog for yourself without the review deadlines to consider.  But some of the PR pitches are quite tempting, like this Easter egg to review.

You also have big decisions to make regarding which content management system to use.  I am fond of blogger and it has served me well but I have friends who prefer Wordpress, either have quite flexible themes which allow you to personalise your sites and make them your own. 

I pay to use blogger self hosted but if your starting out for fun you might be happier with a blogspot address.  Alternatively why not choose a free website maker and see what they offer too.  Blogging is not something you need to rush straight into, having a think about where you will publish your content is important, ask other bloggers what they think, do some research, consider your options carefully.  Once you have set up a blog it is possible to move the content over to a different platform but it can be expensive and time consuming.

Then content is important do not just chuck anything up as you feel your blog needs a new post for that day, you can have a break now and then, which might help you return feeling refreshed with new ideas.  If you hope to review like I mentioned earlier try reviewing your own bought items first to give you experience of what components make a suitable review and then follow on twitter/facebook lots of companies you would like to work with and see if they already work with bloggers.

If you are a parent blogger I would definitely recommend joining tots100, then interact with other bloggers, I have made firm friends with some since starting blogging over two years ago!

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