Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Amazon Studio’s Team of Mini TV Critics

My boys are used to being critics, they have items to review all the time that they are only to pleased to pass judgement on.  It’s good that Amazon Studio’s have a team of mini TV critics to help them shape their kids shows.  

Children never hold back like adults, they just say what they think, so it’s a great way to really get a feel for what something is truly like and whether it will be a success with that particular target audience.

In the video you can see the children’s (aged from 4-12) reactions to the pilots.


You can see which parts of the pilots make them giggle and which bits they switch off and wrestle instead.  Learning things like this can really help mould the next episodes to be even more entertaining for kids or decide which ones will be binned!

I am so pleased that Amazon Studio’s do such thorough research, as you know your own children are more likely to enjoy their offerings if they have been road tested by critics of a similar age.  The pilots that have less favourable reviews will not make it into full seasons and the studio’s can then focus their energies on projects that are likely to be the most popular.

The shows are available to watch on Prime Instant Video, I quite fancy the sound of Hardboiled Eggheads (featuring zombie killer bee’s no less!).

Not to miss out your own children can help too and give their thoughts, those opinions will also be influential in which series are created.  It's not often you have that much power!

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