Saturday, 8 March 2014

Asda Little Angels Snacks

Well my two might not always be angelic but they certainly demand enough snacks!  They are always moaning on about being hungry and needing something to eat.  I would not mind but I often struggle to think of enough relatively healthy things to give them before the sweets get cracked open!  To avoid further telling off by their dentist I want to have suitable alternatives for them, snacks without added sugar.  Admittedly these have naturally occurring ones but that cannot be helped, plus least I know the boys are also getting some fruit!

Little Angels snack of choice for hardy pirates and bookish Where's Wally fans!

The packs of Organic Raisins, Organic Sultana’s & Apple or Organic Raisins & Sultana’s at 40p would be ideal for school fruit break.  I always find by the end of the week our fresh fruit is on the turn and the boys have nothing to take for their allocated fruit break.  A few packs of these stashed in the cupboard would avoid me having the embarrassing problem of having to borrow a banana or an apple off a friend!

I was pleasantly surprised that my two really enjoyed these snacks.  Even though they are pitched for children 12 months plus, they found them tasty and agreeable.  The organic oaty bars (£1.99 for a pack of 5 bars) must be quite filling as I have noticed the boys go longer before complaining!  The fact these snacks are made from natural ingredients has not gone unnoticed too; the boys are much calmer without getting their brightly coloured sweet fix.

The selection of products is quite good with plenty to suit different taste buds with an affordable price tag, as you would expect from the Asda own branded products.  

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