Monday, 24 March 2014

Baylis & Harding for Mothers Day

I was sent two more delightful products from Baylis & Harding, I am certainly feeling very spoilt lately reviewing for them.

The new additions from the Skin Spa collection are fragranced with sugar cane, basil and lime.  I wondered what that would be like, I am not overly keen on basil in my pasta sauce so was unsure how I would feel about it in my pampering products!  Fortunately it works so well, the three ingredients compliment each other perfectly.  It is an uplifting fragrance that can help you get up and start the day. 

The Skin Spa 1 wick candle has an RRP of £24.99 and had the same beautiful scent that can really clear your mind and make your worries drift away.  It has thankfully also helped freshen up the living room, especially when our dog can be whiffy at times, wet dog smell will never take off I can promise you that!  The candle comes in an attractive presentation box, so you do feel your getting a luxury product here.

We have had a very busy weekend away at Alton Towers and Trentham Monkey Forest so coming home to a relaxing steam bath helped me unwind and feel all my tensions disappearing.  When you have a bit of time to yourself you feel ready to cope with whatever is thrown at you next.

The products are so indulgent and the gift packs beautifully presented but still decidedly cheaper than booking into a spa!  Plus its not always that simple to escape to a spa, as tempting as it is you still have children to look after and other responsibilities, so creating a spa at home is more convenient and one way to carve some time for yourself into a busy schedule!

Once you have been introduced to Baylis & Harding you will find it difficult buying other products, these just look so elegant and of course they soothe and comfort as well as any slab of chocolate without all those naughty calories…

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  1. My brother bought me a set at Christmas and now my daughter got me some for Mothers Day =) Although I 've tried not looking too closely as it's in a bag with 4 other items x Waiting for Sunday.