Monday, 10 March 2014

Beano Dennis The Menace Farting Football

My youngest was pleased to have a farting football; he is a little bit like Dennis the Menace himself with a cheeky chappy personality!  

It was a bit of a novelty having this ball, it is good that it is soft so can be used indoors without worrying about anything getting broken when its kicked hard.  

We enjoyed playing catch together and hearing the odd trump in the process.  It’s a useful way for them to get rid of all the potty humour in one go, so when you want them to act like perfect little gentlemen you have more of a chance!

We made the most of the sunshine and played outside too.

Available to buy from Argos for £9.99, I think if you want to encourage your children to be active then this ball will do the job!  Four and five year olds especially will never fail to giggle over every farting sound they will want to catch it, throw it, squeeze it, even bash it on their heads, basically anything to activate that noise!

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