Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cake Angels Review

We were sent a selection of Cake Angels products to review

The boys were only too pleased to have an opportunity to help in a baking session and get their chops covered in chocolate fudge icing! 

The cake decorations did help our cupcakes stand out (mainly because youngest especially piled high most of the decorations on his!), but their products really do help make beautiful cake creations.

It is a fabulous activity for children decorating cakes.  Give them free reign with a generous quantity of sprinkles and you know they will be happily occupied for a while!  Just be prepared for lots of rogue sprinkles and marshmallows that have missed the top of the cakes (or their mouths) and landed on the floor… but mess is a small price to pay for children that are content and happy!

The range from Cake Angels has plenty to offer, even if your baking skills need some refinement enough sprinkles can transform an average cake into something more eye catching!  If they are a little over cooked just cut off a bit, cover it in enough topping and viola it could almost feature on the Great British Bake Off.

The party candles were cute and the icing decorations being vehicle shaped captured the interest of the boys, rather than using them sparingly one on each cake there was a whole fleet of vehicles per cupcake!  These would look fabulous for children’s birthday parties.  There are also flowers, fruits and animals depending on what your child likes.  Home baking has never been so exciting!

The mini marshmallows were fun for decorating but also great for hubbie and youngest to enjoy in their hot chocolates.  The chocolate fudge icing was easy to use to coat the cakes and exceptionally tasty!  A few spoonfuls had to be tested straight out of the pot just to make sure I was being a thorough taste tester of course!

The Cake Angels website focuses on recipes and is more of a community of bakers designs, so a useful place to head if you want to feel inspired.

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