Friday, 7 March 2014

Cineworld Cinema’s for Birthdays

My youngest turned 5 last week and I was a little worried about hosting a party, they are getting so expensive these days with room hire, entertainment, food and party bags!  We are still ploughing any spare cash into trying to buy “the house” so I wanted something he would enjoy that would seem an exciting alternative to a party.  We opted for a trip to the cinema and the birthday boy seemed very happy with this suggestion.

If you book in advance online with Cineworld you can save 10% too, we were fortunate and had review tickets this time, but we did go back the very next day and buy tickets for another showing (Mr Peabody and Sherman).  It is the first time we have made use of the booking in advance facility and I was really pleased with the result, not only did we save 10% we did not have to queue, we just showed the mobile and they scanned the code!  Not having to queue is a huge plus when you’re with young children, as mine especially get very impatient and restless.

I can highly recommend The LEGO Movie; there was lots of laughter to be heard in the room.  But be warned you will not get that theme tune out of my head (“Everything Is Awesome!”) and I now keep picking up rogue LEGO characters that have escaped the playroom and wondering how they are really feeling and did they have plans to go somewhere and was I getting in the way of that…

The boys enjoyed Mr Peabody and Sherman just as much the following day with all the time travel adventures. But watching the trailers they want to see Escape from Planet Earth next.  We love the Llandudno Cineworld and will be back again soon, for celebrations its perfect  affordable family entertainment (with none of the clear up afterwards!).  

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