Saturday, 15 March 2014

Clarks Shoes Review

Today we headed off to a Clarks shoe shop in Llandudno to review the experience.  I was actually quite impressed with the fitting; it seems to have gone very hi-tech since we were last in store a while ago.  Length, width and depth all measured for you by a capable member of the Clarks team.

I admit we have been guessing the boys shoe sizes with lots of careful prodding around their feet, I had thought we were getting it pretty close but youngest was measured as a size 11 and we had given him much bigger shoes to accommodate his wide feet.  I do feel a little guilty that we have been guessing especially now knowing that we were out by a bigger margin than we had both expected!

Clarks actually have quite an extensive range of widths so we could have shoes that fitted him well without compromising his comfort or style.  He was very pleased with his chosen trainers and has been proudly showing anyone who will look his “new shoes”.

The trained assistant was very helpful and friendly, she seemed exceptionally thorough, double-checking that the shoes he had picked would be suitable for the shape of his feet and just as comfortable when he finally got them home.

The shoes he picked cost £32, which I usually spend at the local sports shop anyway, but this time I know they fit him perfectly.  On top of that the shoes at Clarks have been created to cater for your child’s foot development, with years of experience they make sure there is still growing room, appropriate cushioning and support and breathable materials.   

Eldest was keen on all the colourful trainers. 

Clarks do seem to have gone very trendy as you can see from the website and having had such a pleasant experience I am sure we will be back more often now.  It is a bit of a hike to our local store but its well worth the journey just to ensure we are on the right track with the boys shoe sizes!

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