Friday, 21 March 2014

Converse Trainers Review

I was so pleased when I was sent a pair of Converse to review.  It was such a treat for me, as I tend not to spend much on myself as I always put the boys needs first.  So even though my current trainers were looking a little tired I would have hung on to them for ages yet (till they practically fell apart!).

Opening the box and seeing the bright red pair inside I felt an instant spring in my step, it’s amazing the difference a decent pair of shoes does to your feet.  These trainers were so comfy and the vivid colour lifted my spirits.

I always pick trainers as my footwear of choice as I am dashing around taking the boys to various activities and playdates, I do not know how some mum’s manage to totter around in high heels!  But as trainers go I have found these Converse ones to be the most comfortable I have experienced yet.  But not just that they also look trendy, they help me stand out a little at the school gates for the right reasons for a change!

I love them so much that when I was taking the dog out for her walk today, I looked down at my feet and instantly changed to the old trainers.  I did not want to get my Converse wet or muddy so soon!  I want to keep them looking as lovely as they do for as long as possible.  Although at the same time I want everyone to see them (dilemma's, dilemma's!).

The Converse Star Player Ox cost £45 to buy and I would gladly pay that, I also quite like the Radio Blue Star Player ones!  Then depending on whatever outfit your wearing you can tailor your trainers quite nicely too.  I think poor hubbie is a little envious that I have trainers much nicer than his!  I think as a family we will all be converted to Converse soon...

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