Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cook Meals Review

Ding meals with a difference, these Cook products have completely changed my opinion of microwave meals.  They tasted homemade and healthy and I felt I was having something nutritious but in a hurry, hubbie and I always seem busy doing something and making sure we get a decent meal sometimes gets overlooked.

During the day I blog hard and then realise just before school pick up time I somehow forgot to include lunch on my own agenda (the boys have school dinners but with them out of the house I have no one to feed but myself so sometimes I just get too preoccupied!).  With the knowledge of a few offerings from Cook waiting temptingly in my freezer I made a point of having lunch.  How could I possibly forget when the likes of “Chicken Noodle Laksa” (£3.99) was ready in six short minutes!  The smell, the flavours, the sheer amount of ingredients made it very appetizing.

Even better that this particular meal was one of the OMG range meaning it had less than 400 calories.  Feeling more virtuous I could happily tuck into some Bramley Apple and Blackberry Crumble (£3.25) without guilt!

Like a few busy parents we choose the easy option, we have something chucked in the oven but usually its fish fingers and chips or something equally uninspiring.  Having seen just a small selection of what Cook has I doubt I could return so readily to more of the same!  Their menu is extensive and enticing, including lots of firm favourites and new meal ideas to try.  I like that you can get a taste for something different without having to go to the effort of buying all the ingredients just to find out its not for you!  For £3.99 you can see if it tickles your taste buds without breaking the bank.

They have a handy kids section with meals for one for £2.50.  If you are short of time or just a terrible cook (I am definitely a combination of the both!) this is a useful option to make sure your children are getting a varied and balanced diet!

I love farm shops and we walked around a very popular one today and I was pleased to see Cook meals available to buy there.  It’s very reassuring seeing them displayed there, I think farm shop products are usually that bit more exclusive and indulgent, but fortunately I think Cook meals are also affordable.  Not everyone has a farm shop on their doorstep so thankfully you can also order direct from the Cook website.  Our delivery came very well packaged through the post, the wool cool packaging kept everything cold and in perfect condition ready for me to just pop into the freezer.

But do you know what impressed me the most; on each dish you can see the actual name of the chef that prepared it!  I will be back, actually I might never leave, hubbie and my parents can just admire my “home cooked” meals and be gob smacked thinking I have learnt to cook beautifully overnight.

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