Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Getting more rest

I want to make our bedroom more of a relaxing haven to head too.  I spend FAR too much time on my laptop, sat at an odd angle slumped over on the sofa all through the day (until the boys get home from school) and then a big chunk of the evening.

I did a frowning picture but looked so awful I had to add a smile!

I need to learn to switch off and go to bed for a (reasonably) early night!  I cannot help myself if I have deadlines for posts to write and competitions to host I keep on trucking away on it, until I look at the clock and realize (perhaps a little sadly!) yet again its almost midnight and I am exhausted!

When I finally tuck myself into bed I realise how much I love it, finally being stretched out and comfortable at last.  That moment I promise the next day will be different I will be in bed earlier, I will switch off the laptop sooner or have a night off it completely, but the next day those promises are soon forgotten and I go back to my bad habits.

But no more I need more time to rest.  I will make the bedroom more appealing to unwind and relax in, then the early morning starts with the boys won’t seem quite so painful!  I want to get some new bedding and I plan on searching through different headboards to find a suitable one, I want to sit up in bed and read first, so I nod off quickly, instead of lying there prioritising which post I need to publish next or mentally writing them in my head!

I am hoping if I did get more rest, I would be more focused and energised ready to tackle the housework (well I can live in hope, hubbie certainly does!).  But at the very least I just want time for me, to sit in bed and work through the giant stack of books my mum keeps giving me and to be more leisurely!  Hubbie switches off from work once he gets home, I should do the same with my blogging…

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  1. I am the same I need to stop spending so much time on the laptop and go to bed earlier.