Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hot Chocolate Heaven with Mars

I was sent a selection of hot chocolate products and thick shakes from Mars, much to the delight of hubbie and the boys!  

I did not realise hot chocolate had come along so much, these really are quite exciting, you have a hot enjoyable chocolate drink but with magic stars or chocolate ripple pieces to add to the excitement.

My eldest likes chocolate drinks but not if they are hot so the fact that two of the chocolate drinks (Galaxy and Mars) could be enjoyed hot or cold was ideal for us as a family.  Drinking them cold just seemed like a milk shake to him so he was happy he could join in the reviewing after all.

I am sad faced that I still do not like hot chocolate myself, I have been sampling all the drinks trying to convert myself to a hot chocolate drinker as these are all my favourite bars of chocolate normally!  It seems such a shame when they all look so delicious in a mug (even more so when they add extra marshmallows for more indulgence!).

Hubbie is pleased though as it means more for him, every evening he is having a sneaky hot chocolate before bed and he does seem more relaxed for his new bedtime routine.  He has quite a stressful job and hot chocolate is soothing.

These products are definitely going down well here.  A couple of the products (Maltesers, Galaxy Caramel and Galaxy Ripple) you could make up with water if you have no milk in which I think is extremely handy if you still want a hot drink and its too late to nip to the shops.

The thick shakes were just as well received by the boys, they were arguing over who would have each bottle!  It's a good thing I stuck to my tea so I could referee!

You will find it hard to drink any other brand after being spoilt by Mars.

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