Monday, 31 March 2014

Jump Rocket Triple Shotz

We spent a pleasant session launching rockets into the sky.  It was relatively easy to set up, no instructions but you can just build it to look like the picture on the front of the box.  This is our third jump rocket toy but my boys still seem very enthusiastic with the latest addition, because this one offered something the others did not.  It can actually launch three rockets at the same time. 

It is simple to launch the rockets, you just jump on the pump and watch them fly!  It is surprising how far they manage to go.  Anyone passing by cannot help but watch because its quite interesting to see, although one dog nearly made off with one of the rockets until thankfully the owner called them back just in time.

The launch pad is fully flexible so you can adjust the launch tubes as you see fit, whether you want them pointing left, right or vertical.  The boys enjoyed having control over the process and it was good to adjust the aim depending on where other people or dogs were heading!!!

The rockets seem safe as they are made from foam.  No batteries are required which is pleasing for the grownups as once you have bought the set you can play for hours just running it on your child’s jump power with no added expense!  All the running back and fourth collecting the rockets is great exercise too.  So you know you are keeping your children active and healthy in the fresh air.

It is also a social toy, like I mentioned before people love watching the rocket and I know that it will appeal to their friends and other children they get chatting too.  They can take it in turns one jumping, the other on collection duty and so on…

This is an ideal present, its affordable (£24.95) and entertaining.  Available to buy from the Great Gizmos website.

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