Monday, 10 March 2014

Knowsley Safari Park Review

We visited back in August last year as part of a Jungle Dogs blogger event, so I am excited we are going again over Easter with a community group.  I never did an official review for my family fun attractions and shows section so I can add this now to make it even more extensive!  So if your at a loss what to do with the children over the holidays you know you can get a few helpful idea’s there.

The highlight for us of our visit was the Sea Lion Show, which was very entertaining, the boys keep giggling, and enjoyed every moment of the show.  They actually wanted to come back to the later shows and watch it all over again (it is on four times a day, so make sure whatever you do you make one of the show times or you will regret it!).  But I had to keep us moving around the park, as there is quite a lot to fit in during one day, perhaps over Easter when we return I will indulge my boys and let them watch the show more than once.

The boys loved the parks and made the most of burning off lots of energy on the slides and riding the (wooden) zebra.

There is a fun and educational room with lots to learn about conservation or just dress up as an elephant if you fancy it!

If you plan on doing the safari just be warned the monkeys do enjoy pinching bits off your car and having a little munch on them.  Now we have the new car I think we would stick to the mini bus that goes around instead or just take the monkey diversion route!

Also be warned that the amusements rides cost more on top of your entrance into Knowsley Safari Park so you might want to budget some more for that, we managed to skirt around the area and distract the boys with other things, but next time I might not be so fortunate and have to spend a bit more.

Knowsley Safari Park has a discount if you book online, so I would do that to save the 10% (every little helps).

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