Sunday, 9 March 2014

Changing our attitude to dancing

My tummy has a wobble and my knee’s noticeably creak.  I know I need to get fitter and not lounge around eating cake as soon as the boys go to sleep, but I lack any real motivation.  I am very inactive after 8pm, I nose around on facebook, demand cups of tea off hubbie to wash down all the cake and only reluctantly move to head to bed at some point.  I think its because up until the boys going to bed it’s a hive of activity, a million questions and a few hundred sibling quarrels, so is there any surprise I have nothing left as soon as they drop off to sleep.  My energy levels are completely depleted.

But times need to change; in my mid thirties I cannot put off the little bit of extra weight that creeps up around my tummy and thighs!  I want to feel fitter and stronger.  When I was at school I very much enjoyed my dance classes.  I had to go on stage and perform Rhythm is a Dancer with a few friends (I strategically placed myself near the back, I am performance shy but enjoyed taking part nonetheless!).

My boys like dancing too but its more Gangnam Style random moves.  I do not think I will have a chance of getting any of us doing ballet; I for one have no grace I stomp around wherever I go!  But I have been looking at the shoes on Dancemania, it would be nice to think I could develop our interests as a family.  But for now I will leave the ballet shoes for my nieces, who look adorable in tutus, they have such lightness of movement, enjoy the bar work to warm up and pirouette perfectly.  Decent ballet shoes are so important for all the pointe work (using the tips of your toes!) you would never get away with such moves with chunky trainers!

The boys cousins have benefited in lots of ways, their posture and fitness have come on leaps and bounds.  I am not sure about how I feel about the boys doing ballet (although many boys do already) but my nieces certainly enjoy it and if its something they decided they wanted to try I would never stop them, for now they like boxing and football most of all.  Mind you the ballet would improve their flexibility to excel in any sport!

Dancing is more something we do at home to burn off some energy before bedtime, especially when the day have been filled with far too much SUGAR (you can barely see his pancake under it all!) but perhaps my thoughts are changing on the matter now, dancing can be so much more!

Throwing their arms around manically to loud music never fails to wear them out.  Although what the moves lack in poise they make up in sheer enthusiasm, so until they start dance classes in our vicinity we will just continue as we are.  However it might be worth refining my boys dancing skills at some point because according to this article good dancing makes men more attractive as it shows their vitality!  I cannot say myself I checked out hubbie’s dance moves before picking him but you never know.  Ballet might reinvent them into little casanova's!

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