Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Mother’s Day Wish

JOHNSON’s sent out an email getting mummy bloggers to think about what they would wish for Mother’s Day.  I have a few at the moment, as much as I would love to be wined, dined and pampered I actually just want our new house to go through, it has been taking forever and the wait is driving us slightly potty! 

I really wished and wished that I would have the new key wrapped in an elaborate bow off hubbie and the boys for Mother’s Day but after a serious of disappointments it seems highly unlikely.  So in the spirit of all things positive I will settle for a nice meal out with my family, my own mum and dad, hubbie and the boys, getting together with no dishes to clear up afterwards sounds fabulous to me.  Followed by lots of hugs and kisses to treasure!

Eldest is also adamant he will make me breakfast in bed, so cue a long line of cereal to my bedroom door and probably a puddle of spilt milk!  But nonetheless I will cherish the gesture, because they are trying their best and showing kindness.

JOHNSON’s commissioned a survey and the results are as follows:

What Mums usually get
Their Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes
1. A Bunch of flowers
1. Having lunch together as a family
2. A hug from their children
2. A hug from the children
3. A box of chocolates
3. More time together as a family
4. Having lunch together as a family
4. A bunch of flowers
5. A handmade card
5. A handmade card
6.More time together as a family
6. Voucher for my favourite shop
7.Relaxing bath products
7. A bottle of my favourite perfume
8. A bottle of my favourite perfume
8. Making me breakfast in bed
9. A book
9. Homemade gift
10. Making me Breakfast in bed
10. A book

So what is your Mother’s Day wish? You can download a special template and share your thoughts on their facebook page, because sometimes being a mum can be tough and you deserve to have your wishes heard (maybe tag your partner in so they get the hint!).

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  1. My blissful Day

    Set of matching shower gel body lotion and perfume please
    Rose gold jewellery

    Now waiting blissful day