Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pillow Fight Set

When I whipped out a Pillow Fight Set my boys could not believe their eyes, surely mummy was not going to let them get a little crazy and go into battle!  I grew up having pillow fights with my brother but this set has the extra excitement of being shaped more interestingly.  Children enjoy playing out different roles; this set certainly helps with that, if they want to be the pirate with their cutlass or the ninja with his flying star and nunchakus or even a Viking clutching an axe they are well accommodated with this product.

They had such an amazing time they wanted to do it all over again in the morning before school.

I told them it was a bedtime treat and do you know what they slept incredibly well that night.  I think that quick burst of energy used ducking and diving; trying to avoid the ninja star being lopped at them or a slash of the squidgy blade helped them settle down.  Eldest is always up around 6am (the other day it was 5:30am!) but this morning he awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed at a very reasonably 7:15am!

Giggling because he knocked his brother down!

So from now on every evening my two boys will head into battle, they will swing weapons, try and hide to escape the onslaught of soft blows and then sleep wonderfully!  Bliss…  If you want your own set you can buy them from Prezzybox for £17.95 at the moment (RRP of £29.99), extra sleep is not guaranteed but very much welcomed here! 

It is a great way to relieve tension without anyone getting harmed!  All I heard was lots of giggles, laughter and “wait I am not ready!” from eldest when youngest was winning!  We made a fun game whereby the battle went on until you lost both your weapons and it proved to be a great form of entertainment.  I really recommend this product!  I might get my unsuspecting hubbie one evening with a squishy weapon if he has not done his chores…

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