Friday, 14 March 2014

Ribena Plus New Flavour

My own little Ribena berries enjoyed the latest instalment from Ribena.  Eldest ran upstairs whipped off his school uniform in a flash so he could his reviewing pictures and get on with sipping the drink!

The Orange & Mandarin is a lovely addition to the range and the Plus refers to the added vitamins, with everyone sniffling and sneezing its good to help in anyway boost their immunity.  Healthy boys mean mummy gets more rested evenings; otherwise I am up and down checking on them, pacing their bedroom floors in a state of anxiety about raised temperatures!

I am always keeping an eye on eldest he does not drink as much as his brother, if you give him a beaker of juice with his meal you have to keep a close eye he actually drinks any before sneaking off to do something else.  Thankfully there was no danger of that with these juice cartons he finished the whole thing super fast and asked for another… (Although I did make him wait till today for his next instalment!).

No added sugar is a bonus to keep on the side of the dentist, otherwise he grumbles to leave them on just milk and water.  I had a carton myself and found it to be quite refreshing.

The range is available to buy in all major supermarkets.  The multipack of 10 x 200ml cartons we were sent has an RRP of £2.69.  Handy for taking on picnics if the fog ever clears!

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