Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spending my fictional millions

There are so many things I would love to own but the evident lack of money always gets in the way of letting me live the dream!  Of course I don’t let the small fact of a tiny bank balance get in the way of daydreaming about what I would get if I were ever lucky enough to win the lottery.  I mean fantasizing might be all I ever get to do, so I might as well enjoy that…

All the money ever goes on is bills, activities for the boys, attractions and days out with them, more boring bills and a giant food shop each week (they must be growing!) – if I am lucky there might be a token few pounds left over so I can treat myself to a bar of chocolate!  But otherwise we never seem to have any money left over after the necessities (or the ones you need anyway to keep my two boys entertained and happy!) to save up for the luxuries I so crave.

I think I should not just imagine all these trappings of fortune I should actually try and make them happen.  I have started writing a chic lit book, but seeing as I have only got as far as page 1 (I have a great title and plot skeleton in my defence!) I should not really rely on that to guarantee fame, instead I am going to put my hope and dreams on the luck of the powerball lottery in the UK.  Although perhaps scratch cards might be the way to go after hearing of that fortunate man in Wales that won £250,000 the other day!

So what am I pining after, well since my holiday in Centre Parcs I NEED a Jacuzzi bath, all those bubbles were so very relaxing after a day running around the place.  We have been spoilt there, so it’s hard to go back to our standard bath with no fancy trimmings!  I think we work hard as a family; we need to take time out to recuperate.  I can just imagine relaxing for hours, surrounded by the soft glow of candles and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine.

Something else I quite fancy is a hot tub!  We are going away with my parents soon and they were paying for the cottage so I was desperate to find one that included the use of a hot tub, but sadly as they had left it so late all those cottages with one had been booked up.  But my time shall come, if I dream long and hard enough surely they will come true?


  1. I love the idea of having my own jaccuzi or hot tub but my main wish is afford a (very) belated honeymoon.

  2. I had that experience in Iceland. Snow all around best ever experience with the right company :-)