Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring Cleaning Tips

Well I am certainly not particularly adept at cleaning, so I am probably the last person you would seek advice from!  But I do know a few things about being motivated to clean and that’s half the battle.  Spring is in the air so it’s a good time to start wrestling your house into some kind of order.  I was sent a selection of cleaning products by intellicig to get me in the mood to get started.

So here are my suggestions to inspire you to clean and clean some more.

Play Music

It distracts you from the job in hand (especially if the job is cleaning the loo!) and you can enjoy the tunes as you make everything shiny and bright again!

Reward Yourself

After a thorough job cleaning, give yourself a treat, have a cup of tea, flick through a few pages of your latest book or just put your feet up and do nothing for a few moments before you even consider tackling the next job.  This is good if you need to leave things to soak, cleaning products left for a while mean less elbow grease from yourself.

Buy some new cleaning products

Just trying out a product you haven’t seen before can bring a little excitement to the proceedings, perhaps a new fragrance to make it all less tiresome!  Whatever you choose just make sure you have plenty in, there is nothing worse than starting a job and mid way your out of cleaning supplies.

Make a list

Ticking off jobs when you complete them helps you feel like progress is being made, otherwise approaching the whole house higgledy-piggledy seems overwhelming.  Just make sure you do not spend more time writing lists than you actually do cleaning...

Rope in other people to help

Children enjoy feeling useful so place a cloth in their hands and set them loose on the house.  Come bedtime they will sleep well for you which is just as nice as admiring your newly cleaned house.

Good luck with your spring-cleaning, if you get done terribly fast your welcome to do mine!


  1. Great ideas I always listen to music when cleaning. I think tick list is something I should start doing though.

  2. Making a key is the secret key to success! If you're not organized, you'll have a lot of problem with the cleaning process. :) Great post!