Saturday, 19 April 2014

#AhoyLEGOLAND New Pirate Shores

My two little pirates were very excited to be heading to Legoland to preview the new Pirate Shores section of the park.  Youngest in the morning said “I cannot brush my teeth today, pirates do not brush their teeth!”, luckily I managed to persuade him in the end, so he was smart and presentable for the event in his pirate gear…

On arrival we headed straight to the remodelled Pirate Falls logflume, it was quite a thrilling ride as always but it now looks much more impressive with animated pirates and the opportunity to get well and truly soaked.   I am always secretly a little disappointed if I come off such a ride completely dry, so this ride was perfect for us brave seaworthy pirates we were drenched.

I love how the extra jets turn on at the end, just in case you possibly think you may have come off lightly.

This was the year we managed to convince eldest to take a ride and after initial reservations he enjoyed it thoroughly!  The new figures throughout make it interesting and distract you from the impending drop!  Even with quite a soaking you do dry off quickly in the beautiful sunshine.  There are also drying machines on hand for £2, big enough for a few people to share if needed!

Pirates were parading around the area, youngest was pleased to have a quick picture with one.

They were a pesky bunch of rapscallions, even taking sneaky rides on the Jolly Rocker which they claimed was their "official ship"! The boys loved the pirate theme, most children are pirate fans so this area will go down well with everyone.  Apart from the addition of Jack Sparrow himself (just for my personal eye candy of course!) I could not fault the area and the improvements that have been made.

The staff were as lovely as always.  On the Jolly Rocker eldest and I felt like we were going REALLY high and a friendly chatty member of staff pointed out Windsor Castle which you could see from the lofty heights of the back row!  My stomach was doing somersaults but its an interesting sensation and we had four more journeys before deciding to explore the rest of LEGOLAND.  Youngest tried it once but he preferred mingling with the pirates.

There is a Pirate Goldwash for an additional charge (£3.50), eldest was keen to try this out but then they got distracted by the singing pirates and forgot so we will be back again soon I am sure to find treasure me hearties!

We had a glimpse of Castaway Camp which was not yet open for the public (scheduled for May), but from what we could see behind the safety fence it looks set to be a fabulous new addition to the park.  A great place for the boys to burn off some energy, with slides and nets to keep them occupied for ages.  The play area looks very colourful and inviting.  

We love LEGOLAND it is easily our favourite theme park as a family and we walked 8 miles that day getting around everything!  So not only is it fun its a decent workout!  One thing is guaranteed your mini pirates will sleep well afterwards.

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