Thursday, 17 April 2014

All Prepared For Easter

Youngest enjoyed making an Easter bonnet, even if he was a little heavy handed on the glue, but that is a good thing really otherwise the yellow chicks always fall off midway to school for the competition and you suddenly have a very sparse hat indeed!

The boys have also had an Easter crafting session with their friends, which added some Easter egg baskets and Easter cards to the abundance of Easter themed items in our house!

We have had dinner out with the Easter bunny (full review to follow shortly!), so we are feeling completely in the Easter spirit now really!  I think we need Easter Sunday to arrive so we can get on with the “hard” job of actually eating all the chocolate.

We have plenty of eggs in thankfully after a Thorntons delivery, this bundle was only £25 with a special code, so a complete bargain for this amount of chocolaty loveliness!

Eldest really likes the Thorntons Harry Hopalot ones the best, as he is bunny crazy!  This stash will help with the Easter egg hunt scheduled for today.  It’s glorious sunshine again thankfully, so the children will be able to make the most of being in the garden and looking for them.

Then we have plenty more eggs from nanny, nain and a PR gift on top so we might all resemble Easter eggs after this amount of chomping!  These unusual Easter eggs from around the world intrigued the boys; they really like seeing how different countries do things.  I think if anything Easter is becoming more of an occasion than when I was a child, I remember it being quite low key but my boys seem to have had the chance to do some lovely things.

What do you do to celebrate? Do you have lots of Easter eggs in or do you try and encourage your children to pick a toy instead?  I used to be able to sneak some of their eggs to “help” (thinking of their teeth honestly!) – but now they know exactly how many they should have and I cannot get anyway with it anymore (sob!).

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