Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Colicky baby? There is hope!

Colic is one thing I remember all too clearly for the first four months with our youngest in particular!  Hubbie and I used to take it in turns to eat our dinner (or do anything come the evening) whilst the other did lots of gentle rocking and pacing which seemed the only thing that helped ease the screaming! 

Colic is hard to live with as its awful seeing your new little one uncomfortable and distressed and of course it can wear you down after awhile.  We quickly found the benefits of infacol and life became considerably easier after that point.  It was a halleluiah moment indeed!

Well since then things have improved further still now there is a new web app with a multitude of video responses to all your colic concerns that might be plaguing you.  The 24/7 clinic is an excellent resource day or night, not only addressing your worries but also offering appropriate support.

The site is easy to use and the diagnosis tool is very handy indeed.  A grumpy crying baby might not always be suffering from colic, so its good to be able to rule it out as an option.  But it offers lots of guidance, like ensuring adequate winding of your child and trying a little fruit juice in cooled boiled water if they are constipated or introducing some baby massage into your bedtime routine.

It comes as no surprise that this app was launched by infacol, being the number 1 seller of infant colic remedy in the UK, they are in a position to know more than most on the matter and of course they also had their expert midwife, Nikki Khan to hand. 

The virtual colic clinic is available at and I will definitely be encouraging any new mums that way!  I have enjoyed having a look around the site.  

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  1. As a mummy to a colicky little girl, this really helps! Thank you x