Monday, 28 April 2014

Dressing them ready for School

My boys are growing at the rate of knots so they regularly need new school uniform, luckily I get to recycle the clothes of my eldest for my youngest to save a few quid although I am not sure how much longer that will last as he is catching up on his brother!
Today is the first day back after the Easter holidays and I am thinking it might be time for a school uniform refresh again!  I had a naughty habit of tumbling everything to an inch of its life in the colder weather so with everything able to air dry now I should be able to avoid shrinking them in the process and keeping their uniform looking its best for a little longer.
I have been debating dropping their school logo and just having plain jumpers and polo shirts as it saves a small fortune!  But the boys grumbled they would not know which way to put on their clothes without the logo for help!  I love finding a sale on school uniform and at the School Uniform Shop they have some huge reductions on their original prices.

After all I do not want to spend a fortune on buying school uniform, seeing as youngest in particular comes home often covered in paint and glue!  But as long as he is happy if I am buying uniform cheap enough I do not mind in the slightest, least he is having an opportunity to unleash his creative side.  He also uses his sleeves as a napkin for everything, so he comes home wearing half his school dinner!!!

They have a great range of colours on their website, which always helps, it seems most schools adopt a different theme and it can be tricky getting just the right shade to fit in with everyone else.  I will probably have a nose at their jackets; the boys need something more lightweight for the warmer weather.  I cannot believe the sunshine today, when the last couple of days of the holidays have been full of rain!

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