Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel Review

This track is all thrills and spills.  The added exhilaration of a trapdoor to try and manoeuvre around and avoid crashing off the track keeps the suspense going.  Which racer will trigger it first? You need quick reflexes.  Thankfully eldest was starting to feel a bit better and back on form by the time we came to review this!

It was easy for daddy and eldest with combined efforts to build the set.  The instructions were clear and it did not take them too long.

Timing when to start the race is tricky if you do it too early your race will end before you really got started! You have to be patient and poised ready to go as soon as the track connects.  Too slow and your component will get the lead and potentially set off the trap door, leaving it open for you to kindly drop through!!! 

You can add this set to any other existing track you have and keep building on the excitement.  With more interesting features being developed and added all the time Hot Wheels are one brand children will never tire of.

It has an RRP of £19.99, which is quite reasonable for the entertainment value it provides.  The boys have been returning to the set again and again and keeping themselves occupied which is a huge relief sometimes!  

The set comes complete with 1 diecast car, but if you want to add more cars to your collection there has never been a better time.  They have a catch the gold car offer when you purchase 10 diecast cars; you just send your information off/proof of purchase and wait for the gold car to arrive through the post.  More information regarding the offer can be found here.

You can find out more general information regarding Hot Wheels on their website and you can also buy it for a bargain £14.99 at the moment from Argos.

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