Saturday, 19 April 2014

Making Chocolate Easter Eggs Round 2

Yesterday the boys were preparing Easter eggs for Easter Sunday.  I must admit they turned out better with hubbie at the helm!  When it comes to the kitchen he always seems to have a better grip on things.  There was less chocolate wasted and less chaos than when I helped the boys with the choconchoc set!

The ingredients we were sent were quite inspirational though, fudge, honeycomb, silver little balls, icing in an array of colours, jelly tots, chocolate stars and chocolate buttons!  The hardest part was not having a little taste test of everything…

Hubbie had the clever idea to add the fudge and honeycomb to the chocolate moulds so when they set the chocolate was studded in little pieces, it certainly made the eggs more delicious.

Hubbie did not need any help but I certainly do, so next time before I embark on egg making I shall read this useful egg-making guide.  You can download the instructions to ensure it’s a success!  But whatever happens when it comes to an activity involving chocolate its always going to be fun!

Hubbie encouraged the boys to use the icing to stick on the extra decorating goodies we had in.  But I like the idea from the guide better using a little extra melted chocolate to do the sticking.  They enjoyed covering the egg in big bits of icing so they could literally cover the egg in sugary treats!  

We will be letting them eat the tasty egg over a few days I think (if we can get away with it!) as it has about four days worth of sugar allowance in it!!!

The boys had a fabulous time though and they were very proud of their creations.  It was a wonderful family activity and one that will become a yearly tradition for us I am sure.

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