Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Montagne jeunesse Review

All mums need some TLC to spend a bit of time pampering themselves, so I was most fortunate to be sent a selection of Montagne jeunesse products to review. 

I was quite excited, as it was a welcome change from toys for the boys to review and the lovely goodie bag was crammed with products.  Although eldest was quite intrigued by the appealing packaging and asked if he could try a face pack out himself!  I guess they do sound rather tempting before you even open a packet to be honest, pulped pomegranate, manuka honey and super fruit just giving you a feel of the kind of natural ingredients making there way into the face masks.  However this is one luxury just for the grownups!

On the back of the packets it clearly states how to make the most of your skincare routine, cleanse, apply, relax (this has to be my favourite part, hands up if your normally rushing around, being forced to take time out for anything from 10-20 minutes is an indulgent treat in itself!) and then rinse.

The clay spa ranges are unlike anything I have encountered before, I am familiar with applying a mud or masque direct to my face but not actually using clay infused fabric.  The concept seemed more fancy somehow, like I really was having a proper spa treatment in the comfort of my own home.  Seeing as a real trip to a spa is out of my price range at the moment, this is a very appreciated alternative and a skincare gem for only £1.49.

It was quicker applying it like this, as covering your face in the fabric is a lot faster than spreading a clay around from a packet.  It did take a moment for me to adjust to the mask I was wearing, I do not think its the most attractive of looks as one size seems to fit all.  You can pat it down and adjust it so it sort of works best for your face shape.

Each particular product comes with its own individual benefits, like cleansing pores, promoting healthy skin or helping it glow.  So for the sake of less than a few quid adding Montagne jeunesse products to your skincare routine will noticeably benefit you, helping you relax and unwind!  When you’re a parent with other priorities affordability is a huge plus point fand these products are very reasonably priced.

I must admit I handed out a few of my packets to friends just so they could enjoy a little treat for themselves.  It’s amazing how much cheer one little packet of Montagne jeunesse can bring!  My personal favourite is the Hot Spring Sauna I do so love the warming feeling when it touches your skin, it’s such a pleasant sensation.

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  1. I love montagne jeunesse

  2. I love there products....Especially the chocolate masks :) x