Monday, 7 April 2014

My Favourites From Britain’s Got Talent 2013

I am loving the adverts getting ready for the new series of Britain’s Got Talent, especially with Simon being a daddy now - David Walliams looks like an excellent nanny!  

Neither of my boys have watched the show before but even they are intrigued by the build up and wanting to know what all the fuss is about.  Fortunately we do not have long to wait its less than a week now till the 12th of April.

I especially enjoy the beginning when deluded people consider themselves hugely talented and are not quite as gifted as they think (awww bless them)!  Usually I am in agreement with the judges when it comes to those entrants, although I do have my own ideas about who should have won and Mecca have challenged me to reveal them here.

Jack Carroll

It takes real courage to take to the stage when your 14, Attraction had the advantage of being part of a big group and being much older (although their shadow theatre was very impressive!).  At 14 I would never have been so brave as to perform in front of my small class at school never mind in front of millions of people watching the TV show.

Richard and Adam

Mainly for their devotion to their nan which is very sweet and endearing.  She is their inspiration and number 1 fan and they surprised me with such beautiful strong classical voices.  They shocked Simon and reached out to everyone in the audience.  Sandwich makers with finesse!

Francine Lewis

Very versatile impressionist pulling off famous characters in a hilarious way!  It’s always good to have a giggle and this artist certainly helped the audience achieve that.  She has put her own individual spin on everyone and made it that much more funny.

Jack and Cormac

These guys were just so sweet and only 13 and 14.  They just seem like regular kids but with extraordinary talent.  I am sure it’s not the last I will have seen of these Irish boys; they have huge potential and age on their side to keep excelling.

James More

Just because magic always has a way of baffling me and James More with his spikes and fire certainly did that!  It does not hurt either that he brings a VERY handsome side to magic (a welcome change from the likes of Paul Daniels!).  His performance is quite a show stopper.

Who were your favourites from last year?

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