Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The English Mattress Company Review

The boys all wanted to test out the mattress from The English Mattress Company, as it was so comfortable!  

I am tempted to let youngest share the double bed with daddy now and move into the single myself instead!  I can then enjoy the indulgence of a mattress this comfy, adding some opulence into my life and give my back the relief it surely deserves.  You really feel supported lying on this mattress.  

Although I want youngest to benefit from it really as it has some lovely features just for children, for one it is embroidered so its extra special for your child, seeing their name and a message just for them, makes it more magical some how.  

That is part of the package buying from The English Mattress Company; the Captain Black boys’ luxury mattress is more of an experience than a standalone product.  So that helps justify the price (although the evident quality of the mattress goes a long way doing that also!), the £347 does not seem as high when you factor all that into it.

Not only do you get the luxury mattress and the embroidering but you also get a plastic ‘gold’ doubloon and a pirate storybook.  So your child will feel completely spoilt with this product.  Having such a fuss made over them can help make the transition to a big bed that much easier.  If they feel like a proper pirate adventurer they might brave staying in their bed and not keep venturing out of their room when they should be sleeping peacefully…

If you child is not a fan of pirates there is also a Princess and the Pea mattress, I loved this book as a child so I know little girls will enjoy bringing the fairy tale to life at bedtime.  Although I cannot guarantee they will feel the pea given how comfortable the mattress is!

I think if everyone in the family had The English Mattress Company products to sleep on then I might have to rethink my blog image.  Missing sleep might all of a sudden not be such an issue.

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  1. That looks a really good quality mattress!! I love the embroidery detail x