Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time for Strong Coffee

We finally have our new house keys; I thought it might never happen!  But now I have been deserted by hubbie as he is working all hours flat out in the house trying to get it ready for our imminent move.  He is ripping out carpets, wondering around with a screwdriver looking purposeful and getting rid of anything unsightly and chucking it outside ready for the arrival of the skip.

The boys have been extremely helpful too; they have enjoyed assisting mainly so they can get their hands on the toolbox contents!  Although I have to keep a close eye on them… they try and unscrew random things we need like the plug sockets!

But hubbie will be back and fourth for a while, poor thing is running on empty!  Exhausted after our review trips and then straight into getting the house sorted.  I am sure it will be worth it in the end, but I need to come up with a solution to keep hubbie energised!  He is up early and home very late.  We figured out how to turn the water on today, so hubbie can have some restorative hot drinks to keep him going.  The caffeine in them might perk him up!

Given our new house is more impressive than our current one (in principal if we get through all the work it needs of course!) its time we had a coffee machine.  We have never owned one before, hubbie enjoys coffee and we have visitors who like it!  Hubbie might be more enthusiastic to keep working if I kept him topped up a quality coffee.

Nespresso compatible capsules from Caffe Cagliari would give him a taste of Italy!  I long to go there, sadly I do not like coffee to drink, but I wonder if we can improvise as I love coffee cake!  The only thing with such a decent coffee hubbie might slow down to savour every mouthful!  Mind you the stimulant will ensure he gets through his long to do list quicker than before and an expresso is quite a tiny drink really!  One big gulp and he could start his next job.

I do worry we won’t quite make our June deadline but you never know.  Perhaps with the lure of superior coffee we might be able to get all our friends and family onboard to help too!!!  The smell of the expresso coffee blends tempting them in.

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  1. Congratulations to the new house! Glad you finally got the key! x