Thursday, 8 May 2014

Affording holidays

We love holidays; we are always heading off somewhere or other.  I enjoy a change of scenery and quality time with my boys without distractions and interruptions.  But sadly holidays might be a thing of the past unless we learn to budget accordingly.  When away we seem to spend a small fortune on eating out and entertainment.  If we can learn to holiday frugally hubbie might be more open to us having another holiday in 2014, otherwise I might as well hang up our suitcase for good!

Our new house needs a complete overhaul so we have to debate and analyse every purchase from now on.  Hubbie has made me a sophisticated spreadsheet so I can see where all our money is slipping away too and try to keep to his plan.  If I take a firm grip of our finances and manage to salvage some funds for holidays, hubbie hopefully will relent.  But only if we are thriftier once we arrive at our destination.  In the holiday spirit we do not tend to count the pounds and it’s easy to get carried away!  We let the boys go wild in the gift shops and we spend a fortune on the attraction entry in the first place.

These useful money saving tips from dealchecker might make all the difference.  I particularly like the eating out section, but there is a wealth of information covering all aspects of saving money on holiday.  The boys always complain their hungry so I think I will bulk buy snacks from a supermarket from now on like it advises rather than just buy them anything at expensive site shops to curb their hunger (and their moaning!!!).

Fingers crossed if I make some changes we should still be able to enjoy our holiday habit but on more of a shoestring.  We will look for free area’s to explore, ruins, old churches, long walks and try and circle around the expensive sites or only go to them if we have found decent vouchers to discount entry.  We are already a fan of going to the park.

Staying in the UK can make things more reasonable.  The boys have been abroad once to Portugal which was lovely but the flights were pricey.  If you have the weather here, there is no place like home.  We live in a beautiful area with lots of space for the boys to roam but I know I will get itchy feet some and want to see something new!

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