Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Air Hogs Titan Review

The boys were very pleased when we unwrapped the Air Hogs Titan Plane (RRP £12.99), it was a sunny day and they were looking forward to seeing the plane fly and do some stunts across the grass.  Toys like these are fabulous to encourage outside play, my two often grumble for more screen time but if I bring out something new and different they soon forget about the lure of gaming!

The boys have enough fun flying paper aeroplanes so this is a definite step up!  The boys took it in turns to see how far they could get it to fly.  We did lose the wings on landing but on the whole everything would slot nicely back into shape easily enough.  You can according to the instructions use tape to secure minor breakages too, although on our last flight I think we would need a whole roll of tape to get the plane back to its former glory!  But my youngest bless him does like testing toys to their very limit.

But for a toy that is this easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive to buy you do not mind really!  You can adjust the stabilizer at the back for different types of flight.  Youngest was especially proud of his loop the loop and I was glad I did not have to buy any more batteries to occupy them!  A toy propelled on child’s energy is great, as we all want them to sleep come bedtime!

Having had a look at other Air Hogs products I quite like the idea of the Jetshot Blaster and the Heli Blaster.  These are all products that will have an enthusiastic reception from children, who enjoy seeing things soar, dive and glide.  I can imagine a long line of the boys mates coming up to the house to test them out for themselves.

You can find out more from the Air Hogs website including stockists.

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