Friday, 9 May 2014

Extreme DIY

Hubbie has now geared up ready to tackle the house.  He has bought a boiler suit, a mask to breathe through when the air is full of dust and a bendy ladder.  I think his appreciation of DIY is growing daily, I have a feeling he will want to buy more and more tools now he has had a taste for amateur renovating!  Once men get into that mindset its only a matter of time before a shed is constructed just to store all these tools…

In this picture he is demonstrating the tried and tested “kick” approach to getting through plasterboard… (Do not try this at home!).

In his defense though his hammer had just come apart into two pieces, so his foot seemed an effective alternative.

All I would say is ALWAYS get decent advice before you go in all guns a blazing!  We were knocking down walls that builders said were not supporting, well in the end they were... so we were quite fortunate that the house did not fall down around us!  Always get a second opinion ideally from a qualified structural engineer like the ones at building permits, we had to have one to work out the calculations for the weight bearing beams that needed to be added they know their stuff and will keep over enthusiastic hubbies in check!!! Otherwise you can get in trouble with the council if you do not go through the proper procedures.

It’s complicated stuff so even if your hubbie has all the determination in the world and a great kick to boot you cannot beat the knowledge of the experts!  The professionals can reduce some of the stress by making sure the job is completed safely.  With two young boys making sure they live in a safe house is a big priority for me.

But amongst all the dust, dirt and general chaos beauty can still be found!  Thank heaven's because living in a DIY project is trying at the best of times.

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  1. Lol - don't they look funny in all the 'get up' - reminds me of Hannibal Lecter.