Monday, 5 May 2014

Feeding My Workforce

With so much work going on at the new house having a delivery of 70 chocolate bars and lots of cans of Fanta came in perfect timing.  Working hard everyone is constantly thirsty and hungry!  You need a decent drink just to clear the dust in your throat from the renovations…

After some sugar energy my friends and family have been ready for round two of whatever task they are in the middle of.  Given the extent of the project it was great to be able to offer them some motivation to keep everyone happy and focused.

I was quite surprised how much Viking Direct stock.  I had thought they were focused on stationary supplies but they actually sell pretty much everything!  I love the bumper packs of products; they seem better value that way and enough to accommodate everyone.  Although at the rate hubbie is eating the chocolate bars we might run out sooner than I anticipated!  He thinks its reasonable to eat four in each break!!!

Hubbie and I have been stripping the walls and its quite dull, so knowing we can eventually sit down and have a chocolate-coated pit stop keeps us going with more of a smile on our face.  I think I will have to order a few more cases of cans and boxes of chocolates to see us through to completion!  Looking quite happy with himself now he has his sugar fix!

I might also need to bulk buy the cleaning products, plaster dust gets everywhere, I have swept, hovered, mopped and still the house is covered in it.  Least the house smells nicer with my continued efforts and I am glad we have managed to get rid of all the horse hair!  We will get there eventually or so I keep telling myself!  We do not have long to get it ready, so wish us luck!

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