Sunday, 25 May 2014

Feeling harassed!

Preparing the house ready for our imminent move is super stressful, made ten times worse because of my “helpful” boys that end up fighting each other with the measuring tape (literally extending it directly at each other as an attack move!) and saying they are bored ALL of the time because its raining so heavily and all their toys are in the old house!  I did try and prepare for their entertainment needs with bikes, scooters, learning books and lots of colouring pens, pencils and crayons but obviously I should have brought much more to stop them complaining!

I am feeling under pressure and I need to find a way to cope.   I usually find watching our fish very relaxing as a means to calm myself.  We have tropical fish currently; the Mollies are all heavily pregnant at the moment, thanks to one very busy orange fish!  It is interesting watching them dart about and I can feel my tension drift away.  Remarkably fish are also meant to help with hyperactive children, so possibly I should have a tank in each room in the new house!  As my two have been particularly feral today…

Okay I admit youngest did help (very briefly!).  I had to get photographic evidence to remember it does happen occasionally!

However with fish being so therapeutic I really should at the very least buy an extra tank.  Seeing as we have already experienced tropical fish it might be nice to try out marine fish keeping instead.  My boys would love a Nemo (clown fish) of their own and a tank with coral would look beautiful and possibly draw attention away from our amateur DIY efforts!  I have left hubbie spray-painting the walls and our floor now has an interesting dappled effect.

Mind you marine fish might need a whole new tank set up so I have been looking at my options on, it can be confusing making sure you have the right equipment for fish with quite different needs.  Hubbie is still trying to get his head round all the water changes for our tropical fish but with marine fish he would need to be even more vigilant as they do not cope well with changes in their environment.  Maybe I should forget the fish and open a bottle of wine instead… I like the sound of wine therapy even more.

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