Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hopefully not getting hooked again

Hubbie is feeling stressed, the house is slowly and surely driving him to exhaustion.  It would be okay if we had unlimited funds we could get someone in to project manage it and make it beautiful again; you could offer the tradesmen bonuses for completing on time (as an extra incentive to actually get them to come when they say they will!).  But it’s down to hubbie and me to arrange workmen and sadly do as much of the work as we can on an extremely tight budget (minus any tempting bonus!).

Not quite the stripping he had in mind!

We knew what we had ahead of us but it does not stop it feeling slightly overwhelming at times, we keep trying to focus on the positives and little rays of sunshine, the reasons we fell in love with the building in the first place.

Years ago hubbie would have lit a cigarette to wash away his tensions but those days are gone.  I can see him itching for a packet though; I do not want him starting the habit again.  But I can hardly pin his arms behind his back and lock away from all temptation!  If he is going to have a sneaky puff then I would rather he tried using ecigs if he has to have something. 

Least then it’s not so bad in terms of his health!  He will feel calmer and not have to deal with the very serious consequences of burning tobacco/chemicals.  Ideally he would just handle his stress with lots of cake, tea and chocolate like me (although I probably need to worry about my cholesterol levels!).  But if not then he can benefit from a handy 15% off his total order at the E-cig Store (along with all my fellow readers) with the code reallymissingsleep to get his fix more cheaply!

One of my least favourite things about smoking is the smell, so for one thing least he will not be whiffy as ecigs are odourless fortunately!  I used to hate nights out before they banned smoking cigarettes in pubs it was a nuisance having to wash everything and shower myself straight away so I could rid myself of the ashtray odour…

Have any of you already converted to ecigs?

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  1. I smoke an e-cig....I have for just over a year now....
    The only time I reach for a normal cigarette is when I'm having a night out with my friends who all smoke :/