Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 10 11 days till launch

I personally love the look of this cool guy!  With big sunglasses and a relaxed happy face it’s a Moshi bound to encourage you to take it easy!  Splitz likes hanging out in trees understandably he is not a huge fan of monkeys!  He prefers to stay away from any cheeky chimps rather than be their next banana snack…

Also unsurprisingly Splitz does not like being trodden on, its actually not that funny seeing someone go flying when the banana skin involved is your own body!  Plus you cannot turn heads when you’re squishy (and heaven forbid your designer sunglasses get broken!).

Splitz is the coolest member of series 10.  He is often seen with his entourage in the Moshi diner.  He cracks some of the best jokes, whilst dramatically snapping his fingers along to the tunes on the Moshi jukebox.

Launch day is on Friday the 23rd, so stay tuned until then for that exciting competition I mentioned to win all of the series 10 figures.

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