Saturday, 10 May 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 10 14 days till launch

On this wet and windy day it is a pleasure to reveal such a colourful Moshi, we could soon forget its grey and miserable outside with Splatter by our side.  

This artistic little Moshi likes nothing more than expressing himself creatively and living in the hope one day he will win a coveted award for his efforts.  His approach to art might be slightly off the wall, but points for trying of course!

Whatever happens the pint-sized artist might encourage your children to get out their colouring pens and pencils and start drawing alongside him.  Splatter has already spotted our stash and has surrounded himself with paints; brushes and glitter ready to unleash his “talent”!

Tomorrow I have a very sweet Moshi to introduce, so hope to see you back again then.

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