Monday, 19 May 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 10 5 days till launch

Today we have Roscoe to introduce, a bit of an unscrupulous “sheriff” if I ever saw one.  He is willing to reduce your jail time for Rox to add to his growing collection.  Although most Moshi’s know he has no authority so just choose to ignore him as he goes about riding his hobbyhorse and acting the part, peashooter slung across his shoulder mincing around.

Youngest donned his cowboy hat and sheriff badge to keep Roscoe in line!  With a bigger sheriff in town Roscoe has no choice but to behave himself.   So the other Moshi’s were quite relieved Roscoe was not up to his usual antics.  The new sheriff does not have a desire for Rox only chocolate and sweets, I wonder if he will start offering to reduce crime time to be kept in sweet treats instead!  I doubt it though he is too cute and is such a good boy (when it suits him!).

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