Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Persuading the boys to move

My two were a little reluctant to move to the other house, so I have had to offer them an incentive to embrace it!  They have lived here all their lives so understandably change is viewed with some suspicion!  Creatures of habit are my boys, they like things just so.

To convince them that the other house will offer them more, I bribed them with a new bed each!  With a bigger house I said there would be more room for sleepovers and they are excited about showing their friends all the nooks and crannies!  Including the newly coined Harry Potter room under the stairs… we will probably have to theme it now, as it’s a focal point on the tour of the house!

So I need to get some more children’s beds to accommodate our guests.  I was thinking bunk beds as they are exciting in there own right!  I remember as a child jumping off from the top and landing onto a beanbag.

The boys have been helping us get the house ready; they were working in the garden yesterday, keeping busy with a shovel and a brush.  We haven’t let them loose inside the house with tools after the leaking water pipe incident… but they certainly deserve a treat for their overall effort!

A sleepover in cosy new beds will soon settle them into the other house.  I really hope they like it and it does not interfere with their routines too much.  I will have to attempt to move faster in the mornings as it’s further to school!  But I am sure they will be keen to have early nights so they can sleep on the lofty heights of the top bunk.  Then feeling refreshed in the mornings, we should (fingers crossed) make it to school before the doors get locked shut!

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