Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Being pregnant is viewed as a time to blossom and grow whilst protectively watched over by family and friends.  But the reality is often a little different.  I had awful morning sickness especially during my first pregnancy; I had to live on cheese sandwiches, as I could not stomach much else.  I also had a few dizzy spells, but this was the perfect excuse to lie down and have hubbie round around after me!  I had to watch my iron levels, although was quite pleased when the midwife recommended a diet of steak and mars bars (yum!).

I got off lightly on the heartburn front fortunately (so I think what they say about hairy babies meaning problems with heartburn is true as both my boys were born practically bald!).  Given that three quarters suffer heartburn during pregnancy at some point I got off quite lightly really!

But I have had pregnant friends who really suffered with this.  Heartburn symptoms can often be mixed up with other more serious ailments so it’s worth learning more about it so you can treat yourself accordingly and enjoy being pregnant without panicking you have a more severe condition!

I have had tightening in my chest since and in a panic told hubbie I must be having a heart attack, as it’s a strange sensation heartburn if you have not experienced it before and you would think its more grim than it actually is.  Thankfully it’s effortlessly treated with some Gaviscon, which is easier than giving up my favourite foods to stop aggravating it!

Depending on when you fall pregnant the weather can make things harder.  I had eldest in June and when it was very warm it was uncomfortable being heavily pregnant, hot and bothered, even my ankles were showing signs they might swell by the end of it!

But despite all the little grumbles and niggling aches and pains it’s a magical time, so cherish every kick and every movement because before you know it your little bundle will be arriving!

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