Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Seeing is believing #almosthuman

Sometimes technology blows your mind!  You see things you do not expect and wonder what the future will hold.  I love how you could tweet this holographic android at @DroidDoThis and see it do what you asked and get a taste for the potential in years to come. 

I just wish they had modelled the human on Rimmer from Red Dwarf that would have made me giggle even more, but then I was a huge Red Dwarf fan growing up.  Some of the requests are hilarious anyway so it’s quite entertaining to watch.

I love the idea in the future androids will do things better than humans!  Maybe they can cook me dinner and do a spot of cleaning although I think it would be more fun just getting them to dance on command!  The future is closer than we think; I just wished I had headed to London to see this event first hand.  But watching the video you can still feel the buzz and the enthusiasm for what is taking place.  Everyone is drawn to the window to see it happening and add his or her own command for the holographic android to follow.

Getting everyone to engage with the android shows the versatility of the technology, it can complete a multitude of commands flawlessly.  From being a tiger to doing the funky chicken the possibilities are endless.  Some cheeky tweeters even asked him to take his top and trousers off… but being a perfect “gentleman” he just shook his finger at the request to lose the trousers!

I am sure my boys would just get him to blow endless raspberries!!!

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