Friday, 16 May 2014

We are planning a Smurftastic Party!

I am a member of a childcare partnership in the rural community I live in and we like putting on events to entertain and occupy our children.  Our latest venture is a Smurf party scheduled for tomorrow, triggered by a kind donation from a PR of lots and lots of packets of blue Smurf face paint.  With the idea formulating we thought a film, popcorn and a Smurf raffle would go down very well.  I mean children just love Smurfs so a celebration in their honour seemed inspired and unlike Gargamel we are not just after their blue essence…

I have managed to add a lovely delivery from Tiger Feet Party (full review to follow), so we have some rather fabulous Smurf hats, cups and additional prizes for the raffle to add to the festivities.

Finally we had a wonderful package of Smurf figures from Schleich, which will amaze the children attending the party.  Each child will go home with a figure of their own as a memory of a fun time had.  The figures are so detailed and cover Smurfs doing pretty much everything (being pirates, taking part in special occasions or just being very very cute!).  The only hard part is getting the boys to relinquish them for the party!

Schleich wanted to join our party celebrations over on twitter (because a Smurf party is too enjoyable to be missed!) so they are having some exclusive giveaways which you can take part in using the hashtag #ilikeSchleich from 2pm till 3.30pm tomorrow (Saturday the 17th).  Hope to see all you little smurfs joining in.

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