Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Braun #FathersDayDreams Review

With Braun celebrating #FathersDayDreams we were very excited to get onboard with the campaign.  Hubbie has his moments (who doesn’t!) but is a wonderful dad and adores our two monkeys!  He works hard to make sure they have a decent upbringing and is there to read them a bedtime story or play a game of football.  So its great that he gets a chance to have a fuss made over him for a change.

This started with the arrival of a fancy new Braun shaver; hubbie has been looking a little feral of late (thanks to the huge renovation project at the new house and having no energy left to invest in his appearance!) so it was high time for him to focus on getting clean-shaven before he grew a wild caveman beard (he does not seem to grow beards well, some men do some don’t!).

With the Braun Series 3 looking so tempting in its box he managed to find time to use it fairly quickly.  Given how overgrown his stubble was the shaver coped admirably.  His skin was smooth and he had no tell tale nicks from a bad experience shaving.  He used to stick to a razor to hack away at the stubble but after this delicate shaving experience I think he will never return his Braun Series 3 to the box.  Hopefully as he shaved quicker than normally he will not leave such gaps between shaving, then I can enjoy gentle kisses again.  Wallpaper effect is not for me…

His skin did not seem irritated afterwards; usually he literally covers his face in aftershave balm but he did not even open the bottle this time round!  This is a great mid-range shaver at £99.99, ideally if you shave every few days, if you leave it too long it will be more of a challenge but it still works well!

You can get involved in the campaign too with a lovely competition from Braun to win your dad a dream experience.  You just tweet how much your dad means to you along with your dad’s dream with the hashtag #FathersDayDreams and #Braun.  Full terms and conditions can be found on the website, but the competition closes on the 16th of June so be quick!

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