Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Craving a bigger bed!

We went away at the weekend and were rather spoiled in a beautiful barn conversion in Gower, South Wales.  We were celebrating my dad turning 70; it was lovely spending so much time together with my dad, mum, brother, my hubbie, the boys and our faithful mutt.

Although the biggest highlight was hubbie and I having our own room again, with all the renovation work here in the new house we are still stuck in one room waiting on those metal beams to be set in place and further plastering work to be completed.  The bed in the rental accommodation was big and I felt quite lavish stretched out contentedly reading my chic lit, the boys gently snoring next door was much better than all of us crammed in one room!!!  The lovely lady who rented us the barn says she had to do the same with her children and it was one big adventure.  I wish I shared her enthusiasm; I should stop grumbling and be grateful.  I will hopefully look back in a few months and put a more positive spin on it all.

To focus my mind on how lovely our bedroom will be when it’s done, I am coming up with ideas of what it will be like, picturing the finished design.  One big bedroom instead of two smaller ones (hence the need for one of the beams), a modern en-suite (to replace the tatty old one!) and possibly a chaise lounge so I can read whilst admiring the view from the new lovely windows, if your going to dream though you should dream BIG!  So I will be upgrading our bed, the one we currently have can then be downgraded to the guest bedroom whilst I get something more suited for a master suite.  At the moment its all wishful thinking as our budget will be blown on fitting those beams and getting flooring and paint!  But down the line we can finally think about furniture and its got to be a super king sized one no less.

I love wooden bed frames and have been looking at BedzRUs as they have a competition currently running to win your order.  Might be worth a punt!  I am tempted to get back into competitions because winning cash or furniture will be one way to get the house looking better.  The outside has had a huge overhaul already and is vastly improved according to the neighbours, but then they do not see how little is going on inside!  Really we should be striping walls and painting late into the night, but we seem to have lost some of our decorating momentum.  If the builder comes back tomorrow though we will hopefully renew our interest in our renovation project.  If not I will be looking at this article to see where I am going wrong picking tradesmen.

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