Saturday, 7 June 2014

Delimano Wok Review

Our pots and pans are in an awful state; we are dire need of a new set, so I was more than a little relieved when we were offered a lovely new wok to review from Delimano.  My mum was very impressed when she saw it; she says ceramic woks are very good!  To be honest I did not even realise you could get ceramic ones, I have neglected my kitchenware for so long…

Although ceramic sounds like the way to go, with these types of wok you only need a little bit of oil to cook your food as it manages to retain more of the natural juices.  This sounds much more healthy than hubbie’s usual generous helping of oil… his meals are usually slick with it!!!

I left hubbie to the reviewing on this one; I am not the chef of the family!  Although with the right cookware I might be tempted.  I usually find everything sticks to our old pans and my meals look a little on the distressed side and no one is keen to eat them!  But this wok was completely non-stick so hubbie had no trouble preparing a tasty rice dish for us all to eat.  Our meal seemed to cook quicker than normal and that was down to the clever properties of a ceramic surface, which retains the heat better than our tatty wok of old.

Another extra clever bit about this wok was the handle turns red when its hot, this is a good feature if your safety conscious and need a subtle reminder that your handling a hot wok!  Or just looks pretty nifty if you’re into flash gadgets and bright kitchen ideas.  Given all these useful features I think the price of £44.99 is justified.

My dad was on washing up duties and I thought he would have trouble with the pan, it was looking a little brown after its sterling cooking efforts, thankfully though it wiped away easily and looks as new as when it first arrived.  Overall I am so pleased with our experience of Delimano.  I am tempted to update all our pans and go ceramic; I think it might be our next big purchase for the new house.  We now have an industrial sized oven so perhaps investing in decent cookware would be sensible, you might see me leafing through cookbooks one day!

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