Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Desperately Seeking Sleep

I am not sleeping particularly well at the moment, it might have something to do with sleeping in one bedroom with hubbie, both the boys and all our upstairs furniture.  It’s a squeeze; we are all feeling hot and bothered and a bit fed up.  Plus we live close to a farm and the sheep bless them have been separated from their lambs so they are making a (understandable) heartbreaking bleat about missing their babies!  The farmer said this can go on for up to two weeks!  Eeeek my sympathies for them might have worn off by then.

Although hopefully in two weeks we will have managed to decorate another room at the very least, so we can spread out a bit more as a family.  I have to think long term and what the house offers us in terms of space eventually.  I am not sure if it’s just our sleeping arrangements that are affecting my sleep or the fact I am a teeny bit worried about money.

We had a budget for the renovations but we have had a few unexpected extras along the way, which of course I never had a contingency for.  I would love to say I was completely prepared but that would be fibbing, we are just going along (silently praying) day by day, hoping we can get as much done as possible before the funds completely run dry.

So I was pleased to have an opportunity to try out a few sleep accessories as part of the Silentnight Sleep Clinic campaign to encourage a better night’s sleep.  I had some relaxing Pukka tea, a lovely smelling bottle of massage oil and a mini chillow to cool down my head when I am sleeping.  

Hubbie is always turning his pillows over to the cooler side so I think he will benefit from using that most of all, he might not be so restless if the pillow was the right temperature for him in the beginning of the night.  I never worry about my pillow as long as its adequately plumped that’s fine by me.

I am starting to see a difference in the quality of my sleep.  I am feeling quite positive especially having had an excuse for a good massage to help my worries disappear and my muscles unwind.  Natural oils are very soothing and I am finding my troubles being forgotten when I drift quickly off into contented sleep.  The tea I am not so sure about, but then again I have always been a little hesitant about herbal teas, I just cannot get a taste for them.  Although if it benefits my sleep then I might quickly learn to acquire a taste for it, I will definitely make sure I stick to decaf drinks round bedtime anyway as the last thing I want to be is all wired out and ready to go when my body should be switching off and getting ready for sleep.  But the Pukka tea helps settle and relieve tension so it offers much more than my regular nightly cuppa.

What do you do to help encourage sleep?

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