Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dressing to Impress

I thought I would try my hand at dabbling with fashion in my latest post.  Let’s just say I am not far off clueless when it comes to picking out what to wear, I tend to blend into my background, going unnoticed in jeans, a vest top and trainers.  Pretty much all I wear at this time of year, unless I am feeling particularly brave and then will swap the jeans for jean shorts! 

But my universal outfit does not quite work for every occasion, for Royal Ascot starting on Tuesday I would need to look more glam!  I won tickets to a fancy horseracing event once and my brother went in my stead with a friend of his, he was spoilt with the VIP treatment of an overnight stay, a free bar, a three-course meal and a £100 complimentary bet!  He did not even have the good grace to win me some cash with his free bet; he won a grand total of nothing!!!  He had such a fabulous time though that I am sorely tempted to go along to one of these events.

My brother had a smart suit to wear, I think it easier for men to look dapper with one decent outfit whereas us ladies have it harder, some of the women have fancy hats I cannot even imagine balancing on my head and heels so high how on earth do they avoid breaking their necks!

Given my limited fashion knowledge I tend to head to Next if I want the occasional dress to wear, its never steered me wrong so far.  Royal Ascot is all about what you are wearing, with appreciative glances if you get it right or horrified stares if you get it completely wrong!  I do not want to wear colours too bright or vivid.  I was looking through pictures of precious ladies days, so I have chosen something understated but very glamorous, I love the detailing on the Signature Jewelled Dress, the jewels will catch the light on a sunny race day and be noticeable for the right reasons.

I would team it up with the models choice of shoes why get panicky about picking the right ones when a Next stylist has already figured it out for me.  I have similar colouring to the model brown hair and pale skin so I am sure it would work, I wish I had smoky eyes (but I need a crash course in makeup application off my friend who keeps promising!!!).  The heels are high though so if you are worried about how long you will be in shoes, do pick something more reasonable.

Now the tricky part whether to experiment with a hat!  You can go all out crazy when it comes to this, but seriously a blender like me is hardly going to be caught in an attention grabbing hat!  I think at a push if I had to wear something I would settle for a jewelled fascinator or a low key floral headband.


  1. I love NEXT too! You can always get something super smart or casual there:-)

  2. NEXT always seem to come up trumps for special occasions. I always like to look online first as their stylists give me great ideas of what goes with what