Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Learning Resources Educational Games Review

I was sent two educational games from Learning Resources.  I was really pleased with them both as I enjoy game playing at home with my boys, but given how we seem to have less time at the moment I do prefer if games to have an educational message within them.  Obviously having fun is essential too, otherwise eldest would never be keen to play them!  It’s great when they are learning and it is entertaining too, it entices them to spend time away from computer games!

We had Pop for Word Families Game (£9.54); this was an ideal game to help eldest who is seven with his spelling, he reads well, but when he spells he seems to combine English and Welsh words into his writing.  It looks interesting with the popcorn theme; both the boys pretended they had a box of real popcorn trying to offer it to everyone!

Presentation wise it appealed to the boys and the game was easy enough to get the hang off.  Eldest and I played and the game lasted quite a while, as every time one of us had the pop card we had to return all our completed pieces into the box.  We then altered the play and tried using the spinner to see how many pieces of popcorn we could have each time (between 1 and 3).  You have to complete words, using _ook and _ing and _old, which really gets the brain thinking and helps develop literacy skills.  It is a handy sized game to take on holidays, possibly not to the cinema unless you want to share your popcorn!

The second game we were sent was Auntie Pasta’s Fraction Game (£11.94), my eldest son has not officially started much work on fractions so this game is a nice gentle introduction into learning about them.  Eldest was very happy as he won, he filled his pizza pan’s first.  

It gave him more of an idea about the size of fractions, whole, half, 1/3 and ¼ because he could visualise it easily seeing it in pizza format.  The game does offer an element of challenge because other players can steal your pizza slice depending on what they spin, unless of course you have a delivery box protecting your order.

I shall be keeping an eye on what other games I can buy from Learning Resources to keep helping with learning from home.  It is a website that teachers use themselves so you know it will support their educational needs well.  

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